Green Factoring​

A sustainable solution of cash flow & ESG

What is Green Factoring?

Green Factoring is an innovative corporate financing service. In addition to providing cash flow support by Factoring, YOOV Capital will also act as an ESG consultant providing guidance and solutions to SMEs in the areas of Environment, Social and Governance, helping them to take important step towards sustainable business and promote zero carbon future in Hong Kong.

Green Factoring VS Normal Green Finance ​

Green Factoring VS
Normal Green Finance

Green Factoring


Normal Green Finance ​

YOOV Capital adopts the approach of ‘Cash Flow first and ESG later, which is different from most green financing products that usually assesses a company’s existing ESG performance as the approval criteria. We will first provide factoring services to the enterprise to solve cash flow problems, and then provide feasible ESG solutions that enables the enterprise to allocate resources on ESG developments with the support of stable cash flow.

Why Choose Green Factoring? ​

Feasible ESG solutions

Many SMEs have no clue on how to start implementing ESG plans. YOOV Capital will provide them with simple and easy digital transformation solutions and assist in completing ESG audit reports to help SMEs take the first step in practicing ESG.

Build positive corporate culture

ESG performance has become one of the considerations for the new generation of employees when choosing their employer. Employees hope that their work can have a positive impact on society. Therefore, companies that demonstrate good ESG performance are more attractive and easier to retain talented, ideal and passionate employees.

Win new business & enhance competitiveness

New generation of consumers tend to support brands with positive environmental performance and connect the company's green image with its core values. Companies that effectively practice ESG gives confidence to customers that helps to win new business.

Improve operational efficiency

The implementation of ESG helps to improve the overall operational efficiency of a company. Through environmental protection measures such as paper reduction, resource recycling and energy-saving renovation, companies can effectively reduce costs and increase profits.

3 Steps of Green Factoring

1. Become a client of YOOV Capital

2. Provide feasible ESG solutions, such as digital management solution

3. Assist to complete ESG Report

Customer's Case

YOOV - ESG Report

As a responsible and sustainable organisation, YOOV believes that economic development goes hand in hand with social and environmental responsibility, and therefore leads by example by investing in environmental, social and governance issues alongside corporate development.

The 2022-2023 ESG Report sets out the Company’s commitment to sustainable development. We hope to demonstrate our efforts and achievements in building a sustainable future for the Company in this report.

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